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The Strongest Mum

Alycia is an accredited Pre & Post Natal Trainer based in Central Victoria with qualifications and experience as a personal trainer with pregnancy, post natal training and group fitness. Her passion lies with helping women, especially mums regain strength, pelvic floor function and confidence with exercise from home, the gym or outdoors.


She created The Strongest Mum Post Natal Program to do just this! Helping mums is a passion for Alycia who is a mum herself to an energetic young son, fueling the creation of her TSM Pre and Post Natal Program in 2020.

You can start TSM Post Natal Program Online anytime, anywhere! Or book into the next term of Face 2 Face small group sessions.

You are in the right place if...

* You're a woman!

* You have ever had a baby or been pregnant before (even if it's years ago)

* You have pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms such as incontinence, urgency, pelvic pain, hypertonicity, laxity, inability to properly contract or release pelvic floor, have been advised you have a prolapse or risk of one, are currently seeing a Women's Health Physiotherapist for treatment

* You want to improve your pelvic floor function

* You want to build a stronger core

* You want to be able to lift your kids/bags/prams and play with your kids more comfortably

* You want to increase your strength and energy

* Want the expertise of a qualified Pre/Post Natal Trainer (not all PT's are the same!)

* Want to know everything I know!!

* Are a beginner, intermediate or advanced with exercise

* Looking for exercise with adaptions for prolapse, abdominal separation, pelvic floor weakness, hypertonic PF, knee/pelvic/wrist pain, back pain

* You want to meet like minded women

* You need support

If you value education this program is for you.



Whether you are super busy, work from home, have limited time to train or are able to make all face to face sessions, there is a training option to suit you!


For busy mums on the go, join us online with TSM Online Program or start one of the FREE programs today!

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More about Alycia, your Trainer

I train women, with a focus on training post natal women in particular. After becoming a mother my passion and views of training changed dramatically and I am now on a mission to help women regain pelvic floor function, improve quality of life, increase strength and fitness and connect to like minded women within their community. I truly believe I can make a difference in the community I live in by helping the women who live here. Together we can create a healthier community for everyone! 


TSM now offers Corporate presentations that come to YOU and your workplace or event.

Do you have a group of women between 10 and 40 people who would benefit from self development with the following topics?

Please note the venue must have a TV with laptop input and presentation style area for these workshops &

price varies per presentation depending on participant numbers, between 10 - 20 OR 21- 40.

Strongest Mum group workshops


2 hrs

Great for beginning of the year to focus on the goals ahead and write your path out

The Strongest Mum's Time Management program


2 hrs

Great for those busy mums who always seem to have 'no time' - in reality we do!

The Strongest Mum's Nutrition Basics program


2 hrs

Great for any woman wanting to take her training to the next level or learn more about how to maximize her training.

The Strongest Mum's 2 day course


2x 5hr days

Can't make it to a PT session or class but want to know everything about safe training post partum and understand the importance of a strong foundation and learn how to train from home or in a gym? Take this 2 day course to learn all about it in 2 short days rather than 10 weeks!


Stronger Mum client review


I began training with Alycia approximately 3 months ago and would recommend her program to everyone. Alycia is an incredibly easy going, fun, welcoming and knowledgeable personal trainer who specialises in training both pregnant and postpartum women.

Alycia’s class sizes are designed to be very small and therefore provide the opportunity for a lot of support and one on one direction with each exercise and movement, designed to support and encourage women building their fitness after the birth of their children.

Each exercise has a different option to allow for reduction or increase in difficulty, to allow all fitness levels the ability to perform the movement. There are also alternative options provided to each women in the class if they are unable to do that specific movement due to injury from birth, labour or otherwise. All of the women in the class are encouraging and supportive of one another which creates a very welcoming and positive atmosphere.

Alycia is always happy to make one on one time to help her clients achieve their goals. Alycia designed me a plan with some exercises to perform either at home or in a gym environment to allow for greater flexibility, support and development in achieving my goals postpartum.

Adele C

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Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist

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