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The Strongest Mum

The Strongest Mum supports women. I believe if women have more freedom to choose the care they need and want, they become stronger in all areas and therefore their families become stronger and ultimately we create a stronger Bendigo.

How do we do this?

1. Educating women on self care, especially post partum & providing it (TSM Program).

2. Educating women on small biz options to suit their busy lifestyles (TSM Small Biz Coaching programs).

3. Providing a hub of collaborating businesses that support women & connecting them to it.

Join me in making this a reality.


Post Natal Exercise Program

Alycia delivers her signature training program for mums called The Strongest Mum Post Natal Program in an easy to use online version & face to face 8 week terms throughout the school year. If you're looking for everything you need to know about exercise after having a baby look no further than TSM Online Program or Face to Face sessions.


Virtual Assistance

Don't have time 'to do the things' yourself? Hire Alycia as your VA or let her link you with one. Avoid BURNOUT and get the help you deserve to support your Small Biz and your family.


Small Biz Support/Coaching

Are you a mum struggling to find 'the perfect job that suits school hours?' OR are you a small biz owner without an action plan or maybe you are wanting to launch your small biz and have zero idea where to begin? Well guess what - Alycia has been there and done that! Join the small biz coaching options or let Alycia help you with Virtual Assistance/Service connections.


TSM FunMum & Digital Creation

Alycia allows her creative side to flow in her digital creations & FunMum Activity Sessions/Events. 

Check out her online shop for unique digital products or book yourself into the next FunMum group session or event this year in the BOOK NOW tab.


It has helped so much. Like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders the last month. Thank you xx

Mia S.

Virtual Assistance Services


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