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Alycia is a certified Pre/Post Natal Personal Trainer and Coach since 2016 with a strong passion for helping women.

After spending many years exclusively with women and listening to their stories, their trauma, their challenges and the all-too-common phrase 'I need a job during school times' which Alycia could definitely relate to, having built her business around this exact lifestyle...she evolved her business in 2024.

Now TSM offers Small Biz Support for women as well as quality Post Natal Exercise & Education.

Small Biz Support is delivered through her Face 2 Face Small Biz Coaching Sessions, Online Program, free resources and Facebook Group as well as VA services and links to them.

Post Natal Exercise & Education is delivered through her online TSM Program, Face 2 Face group sessions for women and free resources.

Alycia's ultimate goal is to create The Strongest Mum Hub in Bendigo, regional Victoria which is a premises for women to receive and access specialist exercise programs, mental health support, employment training/small biz support, self development activities, art therapy, physiotherapy with onsite child minding services. 

If you are interested in collaboration with this please contact her via a form submission.

My Story

How The Strongest Mum 

began and where it's going

I'm Alycia, mum, wifey and small biz owner.

I didn't grow up thinking about being a personal trainer, to be honest I didn't even know what a PT was until about 2015 !! Crazy right.

I grew up in the western suburbs of Melbourne and eventually found my way to Bendigo after marrying my husband in 2013. After a battle with infertility we came to the realization that we were not going to be parents and so I began a new career path and joined a gym in my new town, sparking an interest in the area of fitness. Miraculously a few years later I fell pregnant and this changed the course of our lives.

Even though I wanted to become a mother, I was not prepared for the challenges and hurdles that followed - let alone continue to run a business with a baby. I had to work out a way to fit these 2 busy schedules into my one life and I also had to educate myself as a women on how to return to work and exercise safely as I could NOT find this information easily let alone a trainer with these qualifications.

So I became the trainer I was seeking.

I completed multiple courses in pelvic floor, pregnancy and post natal exercise and connected with allied health to gain as much knowledge as I could. In 2020 I launched my first program, The Strongest Mum Pre/Post natal program and then COVID hit. That didn't stop me. I built my program through the pandemic going through virtual sessions, outdoor sessions, masked sessions and finally back to gym sessions.

I started with 6 ladies and built my way to services 35-50 ladies per week with group sessions and 1:1 PT. I was the go-to female trainer in Bendigo with sold out sessions, waitlists and a great connection to community and aligned allied health services which meant my clients were supported at every stage. All whilst being a mum, a wife and myself.



After years of DOING ALL THE THINGS myself and never feeling brave (or worthy?) enough to outsource and expand my business (even though all the signs were telling me to) - I suffered a severe BURNOUT.


Sadly that meant the closure of my business in 2023 which was otherwise WELL KNOWN, SUCCESSFULL, PAID EXTREMELY WELL, WORKED AROUND MY HOURS, GAVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY, HELPED WOMEN, HELPED ME. But I just simply could not do it any longer.


A year later I have returned with a new vision for TSM hence it's additions of services.

I know first hand the signs of burnout and believe my services can educate women on how to avoid it for themselves and empower them to build the lifestyle they WANT and deserve. 

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