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Small Biz Coaching

At The Strongest Mum, Alycia offers education and tips on how to turn your side hustle or small biz into an income for you and your family which = increased choice options for YOUR SELF CARE.

Go from feeling overwhelmed without direction to finishing tasks and having an actionable action plan to go from A to Z to getting $hit done and watching your biz thrive!

Alycia created a 10 step online small biz program you can start TODAY and also offers Face 2 Face Small Group Sessions on different topics each month for hands on learning.

Why not join her free Facebook Group for some quick tips to get started!

10 steps to getting $hit done

Get started with your Small Biz or take it to the next level with TSM Face2Face Small Group Sessions or DIY Online 'Get $hit Done' Small Biz Program

Free Discovery Call

Module 1 - Action plan


Module 2 - Brand kit


Module  3 - Know Your Numbers


Module  4 - Time Management


Module  5 - Offers 


Module  6 - Marketing

Module  7 - Lead Generation


Module 8 - Social Media


Module 9 - Do the Motions


Module 10 - Overcoming Set Backs

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Self Evaluation Test

Download our test to see if you are on top of your Small Biz tasks or need a VA in your life!

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Virtual Assistance

At The Strongest Mum, Alycia offers remote skills and expertise to support women in business to thrive, stay open and avoid burnout. You can hire Alycia or let her connect you to a reputable VA to 'do the things' for you so you can thrive in more important things in life <3

From fitness advice to article writing to 1:1 coaching, client communication and online presence creation there are countless ways Alycia can help you. Book a FREE discovery call to find out now!

>>>Expert with WIX, Canva, PayPal, Outlook, Gym Sales, Slack, Digital Stack, Lead Generation/Funnels, Email Marketing, Client Retreats, Linkt.ree, Facebook Groups & more.

Behind every well rested Small Biz Owner is
their VA

Offer 1:

Personalized Package Proposal for one-off jobs

(1 month turn around)

Offer 2: 

Ongoing hours per week


(min 3 hours per week & up to 10 hours per week for 3, 6, 12 months)

Offer 3:

Casual 3 hour slots of service, subject to availability

(includes 1 hour handover then 2 hours of work support)

Get the support you need

Free Discovery Call
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