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This document is a guide to create and use date day/night cards. The goal is to enhance the quality of time spent with partners and ensure it's enjoyable and stress-free.

  • Alycia provides tips on how to use date night cards effectively. She encourages printing them on different colored paper or filling them out with different colored pens for easy identification.
  • She suggests taking turns in deciding activities for date nights or days, ensuring equal contribution from both partners.
  • Alycia provides examples of activities like hiking, picnic, movie night, art show, and more.
  • Once the cards are filled out, they can be cut out and placed in a decorated box or jar. They can then be selected at random for a surprise date activity.
  • Alycia also shares her experiences and how these cards have helped her avoid unfulfilling activities and indecisiveness. She emphasizes that these cards can be adapted and personalized as per the couple's preference.
  • She provides a link to her website for more printables and resources for busy mums.
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