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1:1 Small Biz Coaching

Get $hit done accountability!!

Fitness Professional turned online support for Small Biz owners, Alycia offers remote skills and expertise to support women in business to thrive, stay open and avoid burnout.

With 1:1 Small Biz Coaching you have Alycia's support and guidance over 10 weeks with live zoom calls to get $hit done for your small biz!

Go from feeling overwhelmed without direction to finishing tasks and having an actionable action plan to go from A to Z to getting $hit done and watching your biz thrive!

to getting $hit done

Week 1 - Action plan


WEEK 2 - Know your numbers


WEEK 3 - Optimal Weekly Schedule


WEEK 4 - Offers/Services


WEEK 5 - Content Creation 


WEEK 6 - Schedule Master


WEEK 7 - Live Learning Session


WEEK 8 - Email Marketing


WEEK 9 - Social Media & Website Review 


WEEK 10 - Complete outstanding tasks & reflection

5 Reasons you need Small Biz Coaching




Complete outstanding tasks


Increase skills


Maximize Time VS Money


Know where you are & where you're headed in your Biz

More than a 100 ways I can help YOU!

Download your free pdf below and see how many different ways I can help support you and your small biz!

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Book a Discovery

Stop pulling your hair out and book a FREE chat with me and start getting $hit done!

Book a call

Bring a cuppa

Receive an individualized proposal (no obligation!)

Rejoice in getting your $h&T done!!

Contact Hours


9.30am - 2.30pm & 8pm - 11pm


Other days

9.30am - 2.30pm & 8pm - 11pm

by request/availability only

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