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Have you heard about the MumSafe™️ #nomoreprebabybody campaign?

As a fitness professional, a woman, a mum and a proud member of the MumSafe™️ Trainer team, I profoundly believe in the phrase #nomoreprebabybody.

So what exactly does it mean?

It means we are allowed to be and look however we want/are now - not before.

Not previously.

And not when we used to be...

It means we are acceptable now, still, always...

Since becoming mothers.

Since anything.

Phrases like 'get my pre baby body back' or 'what I looked like pre baby' should be removed and encouraged to change to things like 'there is no such thing as a pre baby body' and 'let's embrace the changes of motherhood and life rather than resist them'.

Every year the MumSafe™️ team run a campaign highlighting our phrase #nomoreprebabybody.

Take a look at the movement we have started, we welcome you to join us!

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