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This document provided is a comprehensive resource for busy mothers who wish to organize their fitness regime. The document includes training templates, tips for exercising, a 30-day challenge, and links to additional resources.

  • The training templates are designed for women who have a training history and need a structure to document their exercises, weights, reps, and sets.
  • The templates also consider the individual's menstrual cycle to optimize exercise potential.
  • The 30-day challenge encourages daily activities like walking, stretching, and meditation, with the goal of achieving 10,000 steps per day by the end of the challenge.
  • In addition to physical exercises, the templates include sections for personal mantras and goals, emphasizing the connection between physical and mental health.
  • The document provides several useful resources for further education and support, such as Dr. Sarah Duvall, Burrell Education,, and Jean Hailes.
  • Alycia encourages mothers to be compassionate with themselves and their bodies, and to seek professional guidance if they are beginners or have any medical issues or injuries.
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