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The document is a comprehensive guide to creating customised lunchbox notes and letters. It is aimed at parents or caregivers who want to add a personal touch to their loved ones' lunchboxes. The guide, titled 'Lake Time', is a collection of 70 templates and tips for creating fun and engaging messages.

  • The notes and letters are designed to be cut out and personalised with words, feelings, or phrases. There is also an option to add stickers or colors for additional fun.
  • With 70 templates, there is enough for 5 unique notes per week for an average school term of 10 weeks. The templates can be reused each term and can be printed on colored paper or laminated for durability and reuse.
  • The creator of the templates, Alycia, shares her personal experience of using these activities with her son and encourages other parents to adapt them based on their children's needs.
  • The templates include various prompts such as "Today I can be...", "I love your...", "Mondays are good for...", "Don't forget...", and more. These prompts are designed to encourage positive affirmations and self-belief.
  • There are also blank templates included for complete personalisation.
  • The document ends with a thank you note from Alycia, expressing her hope that the activities have been enjoyable and useful.
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