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Training & Self Development on YOUR TIME

How do you get both the confidence of training with a MumSafe Trainer and the convenience of training with one from wherever you are? 


Delivered on an easy to use app, TSM has an option for you!

#1 -  TSM ONLINE MEMBERSHIP *annual subscription

You gain immediate access to:

*TSM Signature Pre & Post Natal 10 Week Program

*TSM 8 Week Plan

*Workout videos ranges from 3min-60min

*Exercise video library

*Masterclass Replays for Self-Development

*Bonus E-Books for Self-Development

*In-App Promotions

*New resources added monthly

*Access to the tools you need to form, build and maintain a healthier lifestyle on YOUR OWN TIME

Combined weekly value $190 (total for 4x terms is $7600!)

YOURS for just $119 when purchased annually (that is less than 1 coffee per week!!)

#3 - TSM ONLINE READY TO GO PROGRAMS *prices vary, all with 12 month access

Choose the program/s you want access to:

*TSM 8 Week Meal Plan (on its own)

*TSM Signature Pre & Post Natal 10 Week Program (on its own)

*6 Week Training Programs (choose the one you prefer)

*FREE 7 day program to get your mojo back!

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