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Become a MUMSAFE™️ trainer

MumSafe trainers


It's no secret, Jen Dugard is on a mission to ensure all women are looked after safely & effectively within the fitness industry once they become a Mother.

And in order to complete this mission she has a secondary mission:

'To ensure every fitness professional (YOU) has a sound, general knowledge in working with mums'.

I truly believe the future of the Fitness Industry is through Education and Collaboration and I get super excited when I get to share the knowledge I have learned on training and working with mums over the last decade with YOU, the awesome fitness professionals, that choose to spend a whole weekend with me.

We deep dive and get hands ON learning how to safely and effectively work with your mum-clients and move past the overwhelm and confusion of wondering if you are really doing the right thing or not.

All of the techniques and philosophies within Safe Return to Exercise are those that allowed me to run a successful, six-figure, mum-focused fitness business for TEN years.

To become THE go-to mums and bubs fitness business/personal trainer in my area, create partnerships with other health and medical professionals AND gain respect from them in the process.
Through your Safe Return to Exercise Accreditation I want to help you do the same......


Jen Dugard also knows how TOUGH it can be to know if you are doing the right thing for your pre & postnatal clients. It can be SO confusing!

SO to help, she is giving you access to these TWO masterclasses:


1. How guiding your clients to see a Women's Health Physio in pregnancy could prevent birth trauma


2. Why her 6-week check-up is not enough & the questions you should be asking


When you get educated & CONFIDENT in working with your mum-clients you can literally change the way they experience Motherhood. And YOU become THE person they recommend to ALL of their friends!

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