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  • 364Days
  • 70Steps


This is an education course in training for women! The Strongest Mum Post Natal Program is now available as an online package that can be completed from your own home. This program is for any woman who wants to regain pelvic floor function, improve strength, improve fitness, improve posture, work on self development and learning in different areas of womanhood and motherhood. Haven't had a baby? No worries! This program is for all women, any woman who wants to start their exercise journey or get back to it and re establish their foundation through working on their deep core, pelvic floor and the basics of exercise - done right! Increase your confidence and become the strongest version of yourself starting now! The Strongest Mum Program is not intended for pregnant clients to do online. All pregnant clients doing this program must be physically training with TSM face to face and have a current medical clearance and follow all pregnancy guidelines and medical advice. This online version of The Strongest Mum Program includes the 10 week workout program in two formats (pdf and excel), 10 weekly guidebooks and video demonstrations for all workouts.

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2 Plans Available, From $119.00


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