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Virtual Assistance by TSM

Remote Support for Small Biz Owners

Fitness Professional turned online support for Small Biz owners, Alycia offers remote skills and expertise to support women in business to thrive, stay open and avoid burnout.

From fitness advice to article writing to 1:1 coaching, client communication and online presence creation there are countless ways Alycia can help you. Book a FREE discovery call to find out now!


I'm Alycia, mum, wifey, small biz owner and more recently your new VA (I hope!). Here is a snap shot into why I became a Virtual Assistant and WHY I want to help Small Biz Owners avoid severe burnout like I experienced in 2023. You may or may not know me as the creator of The Strongest Mum pre/post natal training program and local PT in regional Victoria since 2016. Since then I was training people with 1:1 PT which expanded into exclusively training pregnant/post natal women with a focus on mental health and pelvic floor dysfunction. As a result of years of DOING ALL THE THINGS myself and never feeling brave (or worthy?) enough to outsource and expand my business (even though all the signs were telling me to) - I had a severe mental and physical breakdown for lack of a better term. Sadly that meant the closure of my business which was otherwise WELL KNOWN, SUCCESSFULL, PAID EXTREMELY WELL, WORKED AROUND MY HOURS, GAVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY, HELPED WOMEN, HELPED ME. But I just simply could not do it any longer. June 2024 will be officially 12 months since I last ran a TSM class meaning Bendigo has gone without a safe program for women for almost 1 year. Why am I telling you all of this? Because I DON’T WANT IT TO HAPPEN TO YOU. I know first hand the signs of burnout. And stress. And overwhelm. And I know how to create an action plan and who to ask or call to do it. I can HELP YOU keep afloat and stay working in your business for longer! Who knows, maybe TSM will open up again but for the foreseeable future I am asking you to help me build my new biz while I support you in yours. It’s win win! I actually found out about virtual assistance fairly recently and after reading more about it, testing the waters and having my first VA client last month, I feel it is actually THE perfect fit for me! Basically I help small business owners (like you) with any day to day tasks involved in running their biz that I can do remotely. I also individualize packages based on what you specifically need and give you an accurate timeframe and cost of what’s involved to get there. For example with my last client we zoomed and chatted about what she was challenged by and I wrote it all down and sent her a proposal of how I can help her and give her, her time BACK. This included me creating a booking system on her website, creating 2 months of social media posts tiles, writing and automating 4 emails, updating her website and her client app as well as her linktree and lead generation subscription. What does that actually mean? Before we chatted, she had a list of these tasks which she had been too overwhelmed to complete for 3 years!! She was not keeping a database of emails meaning all leads/sales were lost for future promotion and retention. She was double handling with booking each client individually to fitness classes and onboarding meaning she was losing time with her family each week. Her Instagram grid was plain and everything looked the same without a schedule or purpose for being there. Fast forward and now she has an increased number of emails on her database due to her lead generation e book being accessible and emails automatically being stored, her onboarding is seamless and repeatable, again with email storage, her booking system is now client lead meaning she has extra hours in the week to ?? Make more money? Relax? Sleep? Have fun? And her contacts are increasing! As a fellow small biz owner I know first hand the hardships and challenges it holds and I wish, I WISH I could go back 12 months ago and give myself permission to outsource some HELP – because I just know that I would still be running TSM if I did. It was that closed mindset of ‘I can do it, so I will do it’ that I had, rather than ‘I don’t need to do it and I can better utilize my time elsewhere – like with my family or seeing more clients – if I let someone else do a few things for me’. It is literally so strange to think I didn’t think twice about buying 3 for $99 Jaggad activewear but I didn’t want to pay someone $45hr to help me look after myself and my biz. Helping YOU will look different to how I help someone else. I also offer 1:1 zoom calls with a 10 week action plan so you can get known in your area and learn what I know about how ‘to do things yourself’ if you are just starting out. I can also create and edit websites through WIX, write emails/articles, answer calls or present workshops to your clients. A FREE discovery call with me can mean the success of your ideas or them staying written on a worksheet somewhere in your office for a few more years and eventually forgotten. I’m an all rounder, a go-getter, a do-er and a PT at heart so you know you’ve just had a great mind workout here by getting through this mammoth piece of my story.

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