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Invest in Yourself, Today.

Alycia founder of The Strongest Mum

I offer Online Self Development Coaching for mummas needing some accountability around getting their sh%t done! We create an action plan and can work on things from core values to time management to turning your side hustle into a small biz!

All training services run during the Victorian School Terms each year. To get a spot you must enrol during PRE ENROLMENT which occurs about 4 weeks before each new school term begins.


5 or 10 weeks of live zoom sessions

Progressive action plan from week 1 to 5 or 10 so you can get those action tasks completed and have accountability and homework each week.

Go from burnt out and stuck to getting your MOJO back and achieving those goals!!



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Choose your preferred time slot


Enroll during PRE ENROLMENT so you do not miss your spot!! *there are LIMITED spots each term


Show up!


Let's talk for a bit and get a little uncomfortable, together.

Before we really begin this activity I want to touch lightly on TRIGGERS.


I know I have triggers and I can almost guarantee that if you're reading this, you do as well.


Emotional triggers are events, experiences, or memories that cause an intense emotional reaction regardless of the circumstances or your current mood. Emotional triggers are often linked to past trauma, especially in childhood. Situations that remind you of unpleasant events or uncomfortable memories can cause pain or anxiety.


I invite you all to lean into your triggers and shift your thought from your mind down to heart and turn it into a feeling - ask yourself the truth - why is this triggering me?


Sit with it. Work with it. Then tell the truth to yourself. And start to move forward.

Triggers can be small or big or loud or soft, they are individual to YOU.


I will share some triggers of my own to give you some examples.

TRIGGER: The word and title 'Mum'.

THE THOUGHT/FEELING: the constant battle within myself of 'I am not a good enough mum to my son'.

TRUTH - I am a great mum! I love my son and he loves me and I provide him with everything he needs.

TRIGGER: A group of women - this used to scare the SHITE out of me.

THOUGHT/FEELING: I don't know how to connect to them. They won't like me. I am not likable.

TRUTH - I am a great person and have a lot to give and offer a new friend, if someone does not like me that is OK. I can still show up and connect with others as I would want them to connect with me.


A group of women made me uncomfortable.


I avoided social outings.

I said NO to any invite from someone new to go to the movies or coffee etc. I was scared of making friends who were women because it was always so difficult for me to do.

So safe to say I missed a LOAD of opportunities and fun and experience for a decent chunk of my life.


It wasn't until I got uncomfortable and travelled to Melbourne to complete my Safe return to Exercise™️ training and became a MumSafe™️ Trainer in 2020. I embraced those feelings and turned uncomfortable into comfortable. This took a lot of time and many uncomfortable conversations, zoom calls, messages, putting myself out there and tears with my Mentor Jen Dugard and the MumSafe™️ group.

And I did it!


I put a label on MYSELF that I can't talk to other women, that they won't like me, that I won't fit in, that I can't have 'girlfriends'. THEY NEVER put that label on me. No-one was walking around saying 'I won't be friends with Alycia Hatzi because...'


Well Hopefully not hahah

Imagine if I kept telling myself those untruths.


Mind blow right?


Ask Yourself... (say it out loud and ask yourself)


What will I do if I don't do this?


Who do I want to become?


What are my core values and am I living by them currently? (We touch on this in TSM Program).


What support do I need to get me to where I want to be physically / mentally / emotionally?


What is holding me back?

Need help? Let's troubleshoot together.

Money? The question here to ask is 'how do I get the money to pay for this' not to say 'I don't have the money to pay for this'. I can honestly tell you I have sold things that were no longer of use to me to pay for things I wanted. Have a look into your weekly budget or a look around your wardrobe, what don't you need? Is there a coffee, nails, hair or service sacrifice you can swap or go without to give this a go? SEE SOME IDEAS HERE


Time? Who doesn't have enough? The question is 'how best do you want to use yours?' WATCH THIS VIDEO to determine where you can find the time you seek.


Fear? Have a read here and give yourself a self check - start small and let's journey through it together! ARTICLE HERE

Still need a little more help deciding what training option suits you best? CLICK HERE

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